How does it work in moneyveo?


1. Loan amount and loan period

Choose amount and period of a loan with a calculator and click “Receive loan“. If you have used our service before, you can apply for a loan by logging into your Personal Account. The available amount will be gradually increased by each repeated loan. The maximum available loan amount via moneyveo is 10 000 000 VND.

2. Application process

After clicking the "Get a loan" button, a questionnaire will open, which must be filled out. The user needs to indicate some social information, as well as the data of the passport (old or new), bank card TIN and the method of obtaining a loan: online to the card or in cash at the "Nova Poshta" branch. The decision on the application is made by an automated system within a few minutes.
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3. ID card verification

The system verifies your personal data automatically by collecting the information from external recourses.

4. Receiving the money

A few minutes after the card has been verified and the application is processed, you will be sent a notification with the decision on the loan in SMS and by email. If the application has been approved, you must carefully read the loan agreement (in your Personal Account or by clicking on the link in your email). The money will be transferred to the card or transferred through "Nova Poshta" only if you agree to the terms of the agreement.

As a rule, funds are credited to the client's account instantly. In some cases, the money can be transferred later - it depends on the regulations of the bank in which the card was opened.

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Bank Cards

1. Online

Online – Fast loan repayment on the virtual account

  • Use internet/mobile banking app to login
  • Pay to the following bank account information:

    • Recipient:

BAOKIM- <Partner company>

    • Beneficiary bank:


    • Beneficiary account number: please check the sms or e-mail sent to you

  • Pay off the loan and get a Payment Receipt

2. Offline

  • Banks branches. In Baokim retail stores or partners’ bank offices (Vietcombank, Vietin Bank, DONGA Bank, VIB, MB, TECHCOM Bank, BIDV, ACB, MSB, SeaBank, VPBank etc.):

    • Recipient:

BAOKIM- <Partner company>

    • Beneficiary bank:


    • Beneficiary account number: please check the sms or email sent to you

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