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Get a present?

Attention! If you are assigned a social payments, receiving any bonus that is additional income can be the basis for deprivation of right to such social payments.
1,000,000 VND
up to VDN 10,000,000
7 days
up to 30 days
Return to: 0
Amount: 0 VND
Commission and interest: 0 VND
Total: 0 VND


24 hours service
Instant decision making
5 days grace period
Automatic application processing
First loan at 0,05% up to 2 000 000 VND

What you need to receive the loan

ID card
Age of 18-60 years
Vietnamese citizenship
Mobile phone

How to receive the online loan

1. Set the amount and term

On the main page of the site, enter the amount and term of your loan.

2. Fill up the application form

First-time application process takes up to 8 minutes and only 2 minutes next time.

3. Receive your money

After you complete the procedures, money will be transferred to your bank account immediately

How to repay the loan

Partner banking transaction centers.
Banks branches
Take out a loan for an amount that you can repay on time. Are you sure everything will work out?
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