1. Form of promotion: Give phone cards (Viettel, Mobile, Vina) to customers who meet the following loan conditions at Moneyveo:
    • When borrowing from 15 million and 15 days, give scratch card 500,000 VND
    • When borrowing from 10 million and 15 days, give scratch card 200,000 VND
    • When borrowing from 8 million and 15 days, give a scratch card of 100,000 VND
  2. Promotion period: from 01/10/2023 to 31/10/2023
  3. Promotion beneficiaries: Moneyveo former customers
  4. Number of prizes:
    • 10 phone cards 500,000 VND, total value 5,000,000 VND
    • 30 phone cards 200,000 VND, total value 6,000,000 VND
    • 50 phone cards 100,000 VND, total value 5,000,000 VND
  5. Total value of the program: VND 16,000,000 (in words: fifteen million VND).
  6. Details of the program:

6.1. During the promotion period, customers who borrow at least VND 8 million and from 15 days will be given a phone scratch card with a value of at least VND 100,000.

Specifically, the value and number of phone cards are specified below:

Giá trị thẻ cào Số lượng thẻ cào Yêu cầu tối thiểu về khoản vay và thời gian vay
500,000 10 15 triệu và 15 ngày
200,000 30 10 triệu và 15 ngày
100,000 50 8 triệu và 15 ngày

6.2. Phone scratch card is applied in case the customer has a successful loan that meets 2 conditions, and the loan is not overdue.

6.3. How to join the program:

Step 1: Customers apply for loans at https://moneyveo.vn/.

Step 2: Complete the registration of 01 loan from 8 million and with a term of 15 days will receive 01 voucher worth at least 100,000 VND.

Step 3: View the notification of weekly phone scratch card results at Moneyveo.vn fanpage.

In addition, customers need to check their phone messages to receive the winning scratch card serial number from Moneyveo.

For any questions related to the promotion, customers contact Moneyveo 1800646475 hotline for instructions and answers.


There is no limit to the number of entries, customers can make multiple eligible loans to increase their chances of winning.

Phone scratch cards are not redeemable for cash.

The promotion applies to customers over 18 years old, not for employees affiliated with Moneyveo.

Moneyveo Company reserves the right to use images of customers receiving phone scratch cards for internal storage and communication purposes.

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