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The gift slashing game fever on website has returned. Did you Have you experienced discount code hunting by playing this game?

Players need to use quick hands and quick eyes to "slash" Chinese gifts Collect. Then convert accumulated points into discount codes from 10%, 15% to 20% off value. In particular, Moneyveo does not limit the number of games and opportunities to hunt for discount codes Endless fun for gaming enthusiasts!

Detailed information about the game:

  1. Participation time: Weekly at the website
  2. Participants: Unlimited number of people play.
  3. How to play the game:
    • Step 1: Visit the website
    • Step 2: Start the game by clicking on the banner on the home page.
    • Step 3: Click to choose the most Mid-Autumn Festival gifts available within the specified time to get points.
    • Step 4: Receive the discount code on the ending notification screen fruit.
  4. Prize structure
    • After each turn, you will receive equivalent discount codes Bonus points redeemed from winning Mid-Autumn Festival gifts.
    • Rewards include 10% off code, 15% off code, 20% off code.

Quickly join the game and use the discount code for your next loan Please!

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