Một số điều khoản khác khi tham gia

The introduced person (your friend) mustn’t have any loans at Moneyveo before

Each Customer can introduce less than 13 persons who have a successful loan in 1 month (means Moneyveo shall only pay up to 13 commissions per month for a customer, if you introduce beyond this level, Moneyveo shall pay only 13 commissions)

In case many people concurrently send the registration invitation to a customer, Moneyveo shall confirm the valid inviters to receive the commissions based on the link with the introduction code used by the customer uses to register the loan

Moneyveo is exempt from liability for the force majeure events arising during the program that cause errors to the Customers' transactions.

Moneyveo shall be the final decision-maker in the review of valid transactions

The Customers shall be responsible for taking concerted action, executing and complying with the commission payment process in accordance with Moneyveo’s regulations

The Customers shall be responsible for paying his/her personal income tax in accordance with the existing laws of Vietnam

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