Borrowing money at 20 years old

500,000 VND
up to 17,000,000 VND
10 days
up to 65 days
Sum, VND: 0
Commission and interest, VND: 0
Total, VND: 0 i

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Long-term Installment max amount on main page VND on 18 weeks
4,000 VND
Installment max amount on main page VND
Installment min days on main page
before 18 weeks
Return VND before
Number of payments: i
Payments of: VND
until VND %

Vì sao ngân hàng không hỗ trợ việc vay tiền 20 tuổi? Why don't banks support 20-year-old loans?

Banks do not support loans for people under 20 years old for the following reasons:

  • Age: According to the law, the legal age to borrow money from a bank is 18 years or older. This is the age at which individuals have full civil act capacity to perform civil transactions, including loan transactions.
  • Experience: These are young people who often do not have much work experience and do not have a stable income. This makes it difficult for banks to evaluate the borrower's ability to repay debt.
  • Risk: 20-year-old unsecured borrowers are psychologically unstable and easily influenced by external factors. This makes banks concerned about the borrower's ability to repay debt.
How can I borrow money immediately?

At Moneyveo, just provide basic information and take a photo of your ID card, you can get a loan immediately. The streamlined registration process helps customers save loan time, and Moneyveo is committed to protecting customer information.

What is the minimum and maximum vay tiền 20 tuổi amount?

When borrowing at Moneyveo, the maximum limit is 17,000,000 VND, the minimum limit is 500,000 VND. The age to be able to afford a loan is 18 years or older.

Do fast online loans affect your credit rating?

You can pay on time, or pay early at any time to improve your credit score, increase the likelihood of approving another loan later. Conversely, if you don't repay your loans on time, your credit score will be reduced, which can affect your ability to borrow money in the future.

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