What is black credit? How not to become a victim of black credit?


Tín dụng đen là gì? What is black credit?

Black credit is a term used to refer to illegal credit lending activities, usually carried out by organizations or individuals without a formal financial operation license.

In addition, there are other names such as usury, gangster loans because of the simple form of money lending, high interest rates, and methods of debt recovery. These units can use violent and hooligan acts like gangsters to suppress debtors. The lending takes place silently in closed groups, word of mouth, anonymous websites and facebook.

Black credit loans often do not comply with the regulations and rules of the financial industry, increasing the risk of lending with very high interest rates and unclear repayment conditions.

Borrowing money often leads to high risk for the borrower, which can lead to severe debt and other financial problems due to a lack of transparency and control.

Governments and financial regulators often try to control and deal with unauthorized borrowing activities, to protect customers from unwanted risks in their personal finances.

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