Terms of Use


I, (hereunder – the “Client”), acting as a personal data entity, provide to the Limited Liability Company MONEYVEO VIETNAM (hereunder – the “Company”) the following:

  1. My consent to the Company’s processing of my personal data, in particular, the consent to perform the following actions: collection, systematizing, acquisition, storage, clarification (updating, changing), use, dissemination (including transfer), generalizing, blocking, deletion, of personal data for the following purposes, as listed below:  
    • making of any decision by the Company regarding execution of a loan agreement and a borrower consulting agreement;
    • offering me the proposals of products and services provided by the Company;
    • offering me discounts and easy loan terms;
    • analysis of my data and my service as a Client of the Company;
    • promotion of the Company services;
    • obtaining of financial information by me;
    • for other purposes, that do not violate the laws of Vietnam on personal data protection (hereunder – the Law);
  2. The list of the personal data which I consent to provide for processing:
    • name, last name and patronymic;
    • registration address and actual place of residence;
    • place of birth;
    • date, month, and year of birth;
    • citizenship;
    • image of the identity document, or my personal photo image;
    • taxpayer identification code and passport data;
    • name and details of the employer or the educational institution;
    • mobile phone number;
    • e-mail address;
    • other information, provided by me to the Company that can be classified as personal data.
  3. The scope and content of the personal data subjected to processing by the Company shall be determined according to the Law.
  4. The fact of consent and submission of this Agreement shall be verified by the fact of placing the check mark in the electronic entry box under this Consent that shall serve as a verification of my, as a personal data entity, providing to the Company my consent to perform processing and use of my personal data unconditionally and without limitations according to the requirements of the Law. In the process of processing, the Company shall be entitled to transfer the acquired personal data to third parties (including but not limited to, credit history bureaus, banking institutions, financial institutions, state government authorities, mobile telecommunication operators, any other third parties in contractual relations with the Company currently or in the future), on the condition of observance by such third parties of confidentiality and safety of the Personal data.
  5. The Company shall perform the Personal data processing using means of automation as well as without thereof.
  6. The consent to process my Personal data shall be provided for the term of 5 (five) years from the date of its submission, or for other term as stipulated by the current legislation.
  7. I hereby confirm that I was properly informed about my rights as a personal data entity, defined in the law of Vietnam on personal data protection, of the goal of the data processing, and of the fact that my Personal data shall be included into the “Clients” personal data database, owned by the Company, and as a result, I require no further provision of written notices about the aforementioned conditions and other actions, that may be performed using my personal data.



I hereby also provide my consent to perform processing and transfer of the data related to the telephone numbers, identified when filling in the Application and/or filling in the information in Personal Account (Personal office) on the Site, from mobile telecommunication operators to the Company.

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