Borrowing Money Using Cavet Vehicle Owner

500,000 VND
up to 20,000,000 VND
10 days
up to 65 days
Sum, VND: 0
Commission and interest, VND: 0
Total, VND: 0 i

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Long-term Installment max amount on main page VND on 18 weeks
4,000 VND
Installment max amount on main page VND
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before 18 weeks
Return VND before
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Vay tiền bằng cavet xe là vay như thế nàoCar loan is a form of loan for those who own motorbikes. This form is also chosen by many customers today because of its low interest rate and easy approval of documents. Find out all the information on how to get this loan right below.

How to borrow money with car cave?

Borrowing money by motorbike or motorbike registration is a fast unsecured loan with your motorbike's papers. With this form, you do not need to mortgage the car, nor do you need a relative or colleague to guaranty.

The loan will be approved up to an amount of about 70% of the value of the vehicle. However, you should note that partners and lending companies with this form only accept genuine motorcycle caves. So when applying for a loan, you need to bring enough documents to prove that the car is owned by you.

Can you get a loan on someone else's card without verifying my identity?

It is not possible to use someone else's motorcycle cavet for registration, unless you have a certificate from the motorcycle owner. Ideally, all identification documents should be genuine to increase the chances of the application being approved.

Can you get a loan with existing delinquencies?

Depending on your bad debt status, it may be considered when applying for a loan. However, try to pay off previous debts to ensure your application is approved. At the same time, ensure financial security to pay the next loan.

How long will it take for the money to be credited to the card?

It takes 2-3 minutes, the money will be transferred directly to the bank account you provided. So please fill in the correct bank account number information when completing the registration application.

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