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500,000 VND
up to 17,000,000 VND
10 days
up to 65 days
Sum, VND: 0
Commission and interest, VND: 0
Total, VND: 0 i

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Long-term Installment max amount on main page VND on 18 weeks
4,000 VND
Installment max amount on main page VND
Installment min days on main page
before 18 weeks
Return VND before
Number of payments: i
Payments of: VND
until VND %

Vay tiền sinh viên online là gì?What is an online student loan?

Student loan is a new loan solution at Moneyveo to support college students who need money to manage their accommodation and daily expenses.

Students who borrow money online do not need to mortgage assets, do not need a guarantor, just need to provide identification documents with clear study and residence location, the loan approval rate is extremely high. The approved loan will not be too high for students as well as the maximum interest rate will be supported when borrowing to create conditions for them to manage.

What is required to apply for a Vay Vốn Sinh Viên?

"For a student loan, you only need to own 1 smartphone and the following documents:

  • Official identity card or citizen identity card, still valid.
  • Genuine bank account, genuine phone sim.
Can you take out more than one loan from Moneyveo?

It is possible to create multiple applications at the same time, but we recommend that you only create 1 loan application, when approved and paid, you can continue to apply for a new loan with a higher amount if you pay on time.

How can you pay off a loan?

"You can pay with your internet banking account at banks or directly to partner bank branches (Vietcombank, Vietinbank, DongA Bank, VIB, MB, Techcombank, BIDV, ACB, MSB, SeaBank, VPBank and others) with payment information as follows: Beneficiary banks: VPBANK (for customers with loans from 17/11/2020) or WOORIBANK (for customers with loans before 11/17/2020) Account number and beneficiary name: Provided in SMS and email sent to you."

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