Borrowing with Household Book

500,000 VND
up to 20,000,000 VND
10 days
up to 65 days
Sum, VND: 0
Commission and interest, VND: 0
Total, VND: 0 i

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Long-term Installment max amount on main page VND on 18 weeks
4,000 VND
Installment max amount on main page VND
Installment min days on main page
before 18 weeks
Return VND before
Number of payments: i
Payments of: VND
until VND %


Vay tiền bằng sổ hộ khẩu là gìWhat is a household registration book loan?

Borrowing money by household registration book is a service to help customers borrow money using household registration books. This is the simplest way to understand this type of loan. In the household registration, it is mandatory to have information about family members, permanent address. And household registration book is also known as an indispensable document in every family.

Borrowing money by household registration book is also known as a form of unsecured loan. Using the household registration book, the borrower does not need to prove income or need a guarantor. Therefore, this is a fairly common form of loan today.

What are the ways to repay an Vay Tiền Bằng Sổ Hộ Khẩu?

"You can pay with your internet banking account at banks or directly to partner bank branches (Vietcombank, Vietinbank, DongA Bank, VIB, MB, Techcombank, BIDV, ACB, MSB, SeaBank, VPBank and others) with payment information as follows: Beneficiary banks: VPBANK (for customers with loans from 17/11/2020) or WOORIBANK (for customers with loans before 11/17/2020) Account number and beneficiary name: Provided in SMS and email sent to you."

Do loans harm credit history?

If you pay in full and on time, it will not affect your credit history and vice versa, if you are still in debt and have not paid, it will be recorded on your credit history.

How to extend the payment of a loan taken online?

Log in to your personal account on the website, select a loan, choose to extend a loan and immediately pay the minimum amount to be extended.

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